3 Best AP Biology Review Books For 2017-2018

AP Bio Prep Book

Preparing for AP Biology tests is not only stressful but also difficult and time-consuming. In fact, relying on your textbook alone isn’t adequate to give you an excellent grade. To prepare well for your AP Biology exams, you need a good AP Biology review book. Since the modification of the standard of AP Biology exams in 2012, some review books have kept up with the changes while others are yet to adhere to the new exam format. This article will disclose to you 3 best AP Biology Review Books to help you choose the right AP Biology review book.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an AP Biology Review Book

The current AP Biology exam consists of two main sections. The first section contains 69 questions with multiple choices and takes approximately 90 minutes. The first 63 questions are simple multiple choice while the remaining six are grid-in questions. On the other hand, the second section consists of 8 free response questions and also lasts for 90 minutes. There are 6 one-paragraph brief free response questions and 2 long free-response questions (of which one is data or lab-based). Each of the two sections accounts for 50% of your total test score.

Therefore, a good AP Biology Review Book should have as many practice questions as possible. Additionally, the review book should follow the post-2012 format of AP Biology tests to ensure you are on the right track. Furthermore, a good AP Biology review book should provide the basic tools required to come up with an excellent study plan. Here are the 3 Best AP Biology review books of 2017.

3 Best AP Biology Review Books

Campbell Biology 11th Edition

This AP Biology review book is not only easy to understand but also generous in its use of illustrations and diagrams.


-Excellent examples for easy understanding of concepts.

-Easy-to-follow organizational structure.

-Clear writing style.

-Aligns well with the current AP Biology exam format.

-Helpful diagrams and illustrations throughout.


-It is pricey, but you can choose to purchase a used version for less than half the price of a brand new copy.

Sterling AP Biology Practice Questions

If you already have access to an AP Biology textbook, this review book is a perfect AP exam study aid. Ensure you use this review book along with another review book.


-Perfectly organized according to the subject area.

-Comes with more than 1,500 comprehensive practice questions.

-Features detailed answer explanations.

-It is accompanied by online resources to give you more practice testing opportunities.

-The book aligns well with the current AP Biology exam format.


-Only focuses on practice questions, thus, supplementation with another review book is required.

-Not ideal for self-studying students because of lack of adequate background knowledge.

Preparing for the Biology AP Exam (School Edition)

This AP Biology review book is a well-organized and solid representation of the current AP exam format. It has zero errors in the tests and sample questions. What’s more? The “Must-know” section gives you an opportunity to give more priority to the most vital sections of the exam.


-Encourages students to make connections between topics.

-Adheres fully to the current AP Biology exam format.


-So far, no disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

The point of a review book is to specifically prepare you for an AP Biology test. The books listed on this page will not only give you comprehensive and adequate biology content but also enough practice questions that are a true reflection of what will be covered in the exam. If you feel you need more content and practice, you can supplement any of the review books above with other great review books like Cracking the AP Biology Exam 2017 Edition, Barron’s AP Biology 5th Edition, 5 Steps to a 5 AP Biology 2017 or Kaplan AP Biology 2016.