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Summer Party Necessities

September 5, 2017 Dorothy Hill 0

What Do You Need for a Summer Party? Summer parties are some of the most fun and exciting events anyone could ever attend. It is where people come together to enjoy cold drinks and tasty snacks during hot summer nights. Lots of people usually attend these events, so preparing a summer party can be quite a challenge. The things that you need for a summer party depends on a lot of factors – including the number of people you want to invite, their age, and the theme you want to have, among others. But, there are a few things that you could never do without. These are staples for every summer party and it is a must that you buy or borrow them. If you are wondering what these summer party staples are, check out the list we made below. You can also use it as a guide for your […]

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3 Best AP Biology Review Books For 2017-2018

June 28, 2017 Dorothy Hill 0

Preparing for AP Biology tests is not only stressful but also difficult and time-consuming. In fact, relying on your textbook alone isn’t adequate to give you an excellent grade. To prepare well for your AP Biology exams, you need a good AP Biology review book. Since the modification of the standard of AP Biology exams in 2012, some review books have kept up with the changes while others are yet to adhere to the new exam format. This article will disclose to you 3 best AP Biology Review Books to help you choose the right AP Biology review book. Factors to Consider Before Buying an AP Biology Review Book The current AP Biology exam consists of two main sections. The first section contains 69 questions with multiple choices and takes approximately 90 minutes. The first 63 questions are simple multiple choice while the remaining six are grid-in questions. On the […]

Landscaping An Awesome Outdoor Theater

February 6, 2016 Dorothy Hill 0

Some of the greatest memories of living in Illinois was watching movies outdoors during the summer months. There weren’t that many outdoor screenings in public areas like many other states, so it was truly a one-of-kind experience for us. If you’re serious about entertaining some guests at your home, then definitely make the investment of creating a patio/backyard movie screening setup… So what do you need? First let’s talk about landscaping. There are a ton of way to jerry-rig this screening setup together, but we really recommend getting it done professionally. Aside from the aesthetic appeal that can be had, one of the obvious reasons why people hire landscaping design companies for this job is due to the time and frustration it saves them. Top grade landscapers have state-of-the-art equipment that significantly reduce the time-frame it takes setting up your theater. If you live in Illinois (specifically Will County), then […]

What it’s Like To Create a Film Business

February 4, 2016 Dorothy Hill 0

The film creation business is established with either the financing and making of one film, development of bundles of screenplays for capital expense, or actually hiring a group of lesser skill to physically help to make movies. To develop a screenplay means having in mind certain stars, directors and essential staff. The lower skilled workers are part of a union and in various departments that build units, operate the camera or continue into post-production. Irrespective of what your filming business ends up doing, it will depend on the additional funds to eventually produce and create any one film. Steps for creating your own film business: Choose what type of firm you would like to create. This is frequently decided by the amount of funds and assets you currently possess, but is definitely extremely important. For example, say you have 10 years knowledge as a film maker, you understand all the […]

About us

February 3, 2016 Dorothy Hill 0

From its inception, Stratosphere has had the business endeavored of creating a sustainable and friendly filming company. We are a group of serious, focused, enthusiastic artists working with film producers, actors, and creators.  We are lucky to have a team of people that maintain a high level of customized representation, giving each client our personal time and focused effort. We are firm believers that our clientele should be able to speak with us directly. Our business promotes film professionals working together in equal partnership so that everyone feels accounted for. We believe in an honest and open professional relationship, and it’s clearly been seen that the strength of these relationships are obviously reflected in our work. To ensure that our customers and fellow film professionals are getting what they deserve, we take time to understand each individual’s unique talents and strengths. Because of this, we are able to say our […]